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Why Tint Legal

Around the country and increasingly the world there are more and more laws governing how dark we can have our windows tinted, in several states and country’s window tinting has been totally banned! With the hybrid tinting films available today darkness does not mean better heat rejection or ultraviolet protection, just a darker look. When tinting your windows please follow the laws of your state and go with a legal product. This will help keep tinted windows legal in your area and keep you from paying a hefty ticket.

The reasons for laws limiting how dark you can tint your windows vary from “other drivers needing to make eye contact for safety reasons” to “criminals hiding out behind the dark windows”! Law enforcement officers in particular can feel threatened by not being able to see into a vehicle during a traffic stop. While most law enforcement officers have been trained in approaching vehicles such as panel vans, delivery trucks or sport utility vehicles that have “factory darkened glass” it is wise to roll your windows down if possible when stopped for any reason if they are tinted. This will give the officer a better view of the inside of your car and go along way in promoting good will during the traffic stop! In Ontario the window film should be light enough for law enforcement officers able to see the front seat driver and passenger whether they have seatbelt on or who they are.

Educate Yourself Before Buying!

Every day thousands of people make what they think will be a simple decision – to have tinting applied to their vehicle’s windows. The decision can quickly become complicated when they start shopping around. To start, within many local markets, the installed price can vary over $100 from one shop to the next for tinting the same vehicle. Then there are the different kinds of tinting from various manufacturers – non-reflective, hybrid, full metal, titanium, stainless steel – with colors ranging from bluish to gray or charcoal to the coffee brown found in bronze/stainless steel tints.

There are also different installation methods. Some shops leave a small gap or micro-edge at the top of the roll down windows, while other shops take the tinting all the way to the edge of the glass when the window is rolled down. The latter method looks much better, but can cost more because of the extra time involved in installation. Rear windows can usually be formed from one piece of tinting material. The one-piece rear window installation, when possible is preferable over the rear window being installed in several pieces. One-piece rear windows can also cost more due to the extra time and expertise needed for this type of tinting installation.

The price each shop charges for vehicles can depend on several variables.

Three of the most important are:

  • Brand Name
  • Type of material used
  • Quality of the installation itself

The major tinting manufacturers usually have three different qualities of tinting materials available to the local tinting shops.

It is better to look for high performance dyed film or Ceramic film

  • The lowest quality is referred to as a non-reflective/dyed material. This type of tinting, usually the cheapest, has the shortest guarantee, and has a tendency to turn purple and form bubbles over time.
  • Next is the high performance dyed film which is the best selling product nationwide. Which is Color stable? Make sure you get written warranty against color change or turning Purple.
  • The next grades of products are Ceramic film. It rejects more solar heat and UV. Never have any interference vehicles electronic device like cell phone, GPS, Radio and satellite radio. Care should be taken in choosing what type of tinting material best suits your needs.

To make your final decision on who will tint your windows, there are a few questions you should ask your local tinting shops. Based on the information found in this section, you should be able to make an informed decision that will add comfort, beauty, safety and value to your auto for years to come.

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